USERNAME : For members who do not yet have a username PokerClub88 can register from the menu list and fill in all the requested data following the desired username , fill in all the requested data correctly and clearly . PokerClub88 ensure the confidentiality of your personal data are fully stored in our servers with high security system . LOG IN : Once a member register , then the member can directly log in with the username and password that has been registered previously . DEPOSIT : Menu to perform a charging coin or chips on your account , once you transfer funds , click on the deposit to confirm your coin or chips , fill in all requested information and click submit , if confirmation of your deposit coin or valid eat your chips will increase automatically . Note : If the bank is concerned offline , the process will take longer . Withdraw : Menu to make the switch from coin or chips into cash to be transferred by us to your account registered to PokerClub88 in time forever 1 x 24 hours after the withdrawal process is done . Note : If the bank is concerned offline , withdrawal process may take longer . PROFILE : The menu to change the login password and to make the turn avatar or photo as your identity . HELP : If you experience any difficulties please contact us via memo or livechat . LOBBY : Place members start the game after loading , select the desired room according betting and playing with the other members in .